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Turkey has a vast range of desserts, as its a country that loves and gives importance to food and sweet dishes. There are many kinds of desserts each having a different and delicious taste than the other. They vary from intensely sweet, deep-fried, milky and full of dried fruit desserts. Some of them have cultural importance some of them come from ancestors and some of them have been inspired or brought by other cultures. With time few of the desserts gained worldwide popularity. Turkish desserts are also a part of people’s social life, especially women. People usually gather up in a cafe and with a cup of tea or coffee, they also order something sweet to eat during all those interesting conversations. Once you try one of these you will find yourself eating them again and again. These are some famous desserts listed below ;


  • Baklava

Baklava is one of the most famous sweet dishes in Turkey. It is one of the most favorite dishes of locals and people who come from outside because it recognized worldwide. It is made of crumbly filo pastry, nuts preferably Pistachio or walnuts and some sweet sugar syrup. Sometimes it’s also served with a scoop of ice cream. It’s a perfect snack, dessert or gift to give someone while visiting them on happy occasions. It’s the only desserts preferred on social events, engagements, marriages, and other occasions. Gaziantep is famous for making the original and best baklava in turkey. As its the region that gives the most importance to this dessert in turkey. 


  • Kunefe

It is a special dish of Antakya where it is originally made. It consists of 2 layers of kadayif (crispy pastry) with a thick piece of melted warm cheese between them, soaked up in sugar syrup and some crushed pistachios on the top. Also, it is served with one ice cream scoop or thick cream to smoothen up the sweetness. It has a crunchy texture on the top but a soft chewy taste in the middle. It is served in cafes, restaurants and you can buy it from pastry shops. 


  • Asure

This dish is also known as Noah’s dessert as when Noah landed on Mount Ararat with the Ark and he offered a treaty of peace and the ingredients come from whatever was found on the ark was mixed up together to put up this dish. The ingredients include dried fruits, grains, nuts, and sugar. In Muharram, the first month of the Islamic calendar this dish is made in every house and distributed among neighbors, family, and friends. 


  •  Kazandibi

Kazandibi is a burnt milk pudding that comes when the bottom of the pudding is burnt in caramelized sugar. It has a soft sweet chewy taste when you eat it. It is usually served in cafes, bakery shops or even in supermarkets. Kazandibi was first developed in the Ottoman palace and is still a part of Turkish culture.


  • Tavuk Gogus

It is known as the chicken dessert as the main ingredient used in this dish is chicken breasts it is sliced and chopped into very small pieces and then milk and sugar are added to it and, in the end, some cinnamon is sprinkled on the top. It is soft and sticky due to the chicken. Don’t worry it doesn’t taste like it though! But as soon as you take a bite it will melt in your mouth leaving a delicious taste. 


  • Maras Ice cream

Kahramanmaras, a city in Turkey that is best known for its Maras ice cream is very famous. It is unlike any other ice cream because it contains salep and mastic which gives it a chewy texture and taste which results in elasticity and is the only ice cream that doesn’t melt that easily. This ice cream is also recognized by foreigners too as the street side vendors often play tricks on them while giving them the ice cream. It’s a fun-filled experience so don’t forget to try it when you come to Turkey. 


  • Sutlac

Sutlac also is known as the ‘Rice pudding’. Which includes water, rice, milk, sugar, and rice flour. It has a sweet and pleasant taste with soft rice pudding taste. It is usually made in clay pots and left in the oven with cinnamon or sugar on top. When you take it out of the oven it has a hard creamy gooey texture on the top.  


  • Sekerpare

Sekerpare is a very sweet dish the name itself says ‘ a piece of sweet’. It is made up of almond dough, semolina and powdered sugar that are baked until it looks like brown cookies. Then sugar syrup is poured all over them until they soak up the whole syrup. It is hard on the outside like a cookie and soft on the inside. It’s the best dish for people who have sugar cravings. It is served mainly in restaurants, cafes, pastry, and sweet shops. Also, it’s an easy dish to make so most people make it in their homes. 


  • Lokma

Lokma is a small sweet round piece of dough that is deep-fried in oil. It’s also topped with some sugar syrup, honey, and cinnamon. Lokma originally means ‘ bite’ so as from the meaning itself its a bite-size ball that is very sweet. You can find lokma being sold by street vendors or you can find it in bakeries where they are ready-made and served hot for its crunchy taste. It’s one of the sweets that you just can’t get enough of and want to eat on and on. 


  • Tulumba Tatlisi

     Tulumba tatlisi is also a sweet dish. It is made from dough then deeply fried and battered in sticky sugar syrup. It has a wonderfully delicious taste. It has to be served hot for a better taste otherwise it’s also eaten cold. Tulumba tatlisi has a crunchy crispy texture on the outside and soft on the inside. Sometimes they make it with chocolate or just put some chocolate syrup on top. 


  • Revani

    It’s a very simple dish known in many other countries. It’s a very sweet dish made from semolina and left to soak up in the sweet syrup. Also rose water, vanilla syrup or orange flower water is added to it for an extra taste. Its either topped with coconut shavings or any types of nuts you like preferably pistachios or hazelnuts. It’s a dish that many people make in their homes. 


  • Helva

     Helva is turkey’s most popular sweet type of dessert. It is derived from Halva meaning sweet. In many countries, helva has its own types but in Turkey, they are mainly made with semolina crushed with sesame seeds and brought into a helva consistency. The most common flavor is sesame seed flavor and the other flavors are chocolate and different types of nuts. They are usually sold in supermarkets by many companies. 


  • Lokum

    Lokum is also known as the Turkish delight. It is made up of starch and sugar. It is now known all over the world many foreigners take it as souvenirs to their friends and families. It has a very mild sweet taste and goes best with Turkish coffee to balance up the bitter and sweet flavor. Lokum has flavors such as rosewater, lemon, orange, pistachio, almond, coconut, apricot, cherry, sour grapes, and many other flavors.    


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