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There are a lot of reasons for traveling to Turkey as its a very beautiful place with a rich cultural and traditional background. Many people every year come to visit Turkey and are astounded by its natural and historical beauty. There are many cities in Turkey, each having its own unique and gorgeous beauty. There are a lot of places to go and visit, the days you will spend in Turkey will feel like hours as time will fly by quick while you will be having fun discovering and traveling. These are some authentic reasons for traveling to Turkey listed below: 


  • Natural Wonders 


As you know Turkey has beautiful natural places to travel. There are many places to visit in the east and west of turkey. Honestly, you would want to visit these places, again and again, every year. These places include Cappadocia, Pamukkale, Uzungol lake, Sumela Monastery, Van lake, Mardin old city, Mount Nemrut, Gobeklitepe in Urfa and other amazing places. 


  • Historical and Architectural sites 


Turkey has a rich historical background so there are lots of remains and buildings left from the ancient civilizations and empires. Istanbul is the main location of these sites but also other cities have many gorgeous remains and landmarks. For example, Istanbul’s Hagia Sophia, Blue Mosque, Topkapi palace, etc. Other cities, for example, have Ephesus in Izmir, underground city and fairy chimneys in Cappadocia, Troy in Canakkale, Aspendos Roman theater in Antalya, Pergamon in Izmir, Aphrodisias in the Anatolian region, Bodrum castle in Bodrum and there are many more places like this that just won’t finish.


  • Magnificent Museums 


There are many splendid museums in Turkey that have the most breathtaking artifacts and pieces left from the past civilizations. As you know, Turkey is a country with a vast historical background so many traits from these civilizations have been left behind and carefully placed in museums for people to get to know their history and background. You can take your time out and visit some museums. For example, the most common and popular museums include Istanbul archaeological museum, Chora Museum, Topkapi palace museum, Zeugma mosaic museum, Antalya museum, Ephesus archaeological museum, Mevlana museum, etc. 


  • Superb Beaches 


There are 3 sides of a sea that meet Turkey’s Mediterranean, Aegean, and the Black sea. Some beautiful beaches that most of the tourists and locals go to are in Antalya, Bodrum, Izmir, Amasya, and Fethiye region. These beaches are a good choice for you to spend your vacation with your family and friends. The green and blue colors of the sea and blissful sunsets will make your day on these beaches. 


  • Turkish bath


Turkish bath also is known as ‘ Hamam’ in Turkish is a famous place for Turkish people to take a deep cleansing bath and relax. It’s a cultural and traditional method as it comes from the Ottoman empire. It usually includes a steam bath, foaming, and scrubbing. After taking this bath you will feel as light as a feather. So don’t forget to experience this relaxing moment. 


  • Food and Spices 


Turkish food is the most delicious cuisine you will ever try with the mix of different spices and everything it adds a lot of taste to the meals which is absolutely delicious. Middle eastern, European, Asian, Ottoman and Greek cultures have also influenced Turkish food. Turkish food is mostly known by the spicy kebabs, shawarmas, pizza bread, warm tasty soups and Borek which is dough pastry stuffed with meat, spinach, potato puree or cheese. You can also try other traditional meals on the menus. 


  • People and Hospitality  


Everyone knows about the friendly and kind nature of the Turkish people. They love to share everything with other people and treat them like really close friends, brothers or sisters. If you need anything they will be there to help you. Once they get to know you they will always invite you for tea and have a great conversation with you. 


  • Bazaars  


 The bazaars are one of the places with a variety of things. It’s a colorful place with colors of spices, organic soaps, lamps with glass art, clothes, ceramics, and many other beautiful stuff. Many foreigners love to visit these areas and buy souvenirs for their friends and family.  


  • Airports


Since the development of Istanbul’s new airport which is the 3rd airport in Istanbul, it has been much easier to travel to the main city and then taking other flights to other cities. Main airports include the airports of Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Antalya, and Bodrum. 


It will be a great opportunity and experience for you to visit Turkey. It has a great friendly environment and beautiful places to travel. After your first experience, you will want to visit this country again and again, as many other people experience this love for Turkey. 


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