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Project planning is the first step in project management. We review current events and planning in order to formulate a specific idea for the project and then define its objectives and expected results. Yet, we present a complete vision and purpose of the project with the analyzes we carry out regarding the ongoing process studies.

Within this context, We are aware that Project Planning needs to be evaluated independently of its scale or sector so we are committed to present a thorough analysis of the project which is put forward. Once main framework is drafted, we establish a planning team and determine a management competency and put forward a target analysis.

“It is not about the money you make, it is about to hands you shake.”

Mustafa YASAR – Co-founder&Business Developer

We Analyse in-dept

Based on the definition of the right and qualified product / service set out in line with the determined targets, we make references for defining the target markets and analyzing the competitors. The price / cost analysis of the transactions that are expected to be made within the scope of these inferences has great importance as supporting the possible outputs with financial forecasts and feasibility studies and creating possible backup plans affect the investment decisions. SWOT analysis, GE Matrix and Business and Product Management Modelling are the most important situational analyzes to be followed in corporate finance and micro / macro analysis processes.

Professional Consultancy from A to Z

With the analyzes we will present, the financial structure of the companies and the risks they may face are evaluated and by financial analysis tests, the risks that companies will face against are supported by sectoral economic-financial analysis views. Advisory services for possible investments such as takeovers, mergers and acquisitions will be provided with financial and budget analysis in different countries of the world where to obtain healthy information is a must and in domestic market.

Within the scope of these financial investments and asset management as well as real estate projects, balance sheet analysis and financial acidity tests shall be provided which shall serve as a compass for any type of brand-new entrepreneurs who is eager to set out in business arena.

" Remember, the right and reliable investment has the highest return "

With the investment and entrepreneurial experts within our company, the necessary guidance is made for the commercialization of information from the process of the formation of new ideas to the commercial life, and the required financial and technical analysis reports are provided to draw a financial route.