Step by Step Turkish Citizenship

Understanding our new business partner’s demands

Presenting options
We choose the best options from our widest portfolio for each and every client

A short list will be created for our client and we invite you to Turkey

Welcoming to Turkey
Bigist Team welcomes you at the airport and takes you to your pre-booked hotel for a rest

Office Meeting
Bigist Team takes you to Bigist Head Quarter for a detailed presentation regarding the real estate market trends, locations, communities pros and cons

Project Visit
Bigist Team takes you to a tour to the glamorous opportunities of investment alternatives that you selected at the office earlier

Our local team members provide you all the required and necessary information to be able to make proper decision

Legal Procedures
We solve all paperwork with our professional law team, inform you at each step, and let you know when it’s ready

Receiving your Turkish Passport

We will assist you in the whole process

Turkish government allow foreigners to invest in property in Turkey. With our expertise, you can have your home in just 3 days.

Our full service also contains residence permit procedures after the purchase is done.

After obtaining a residence permit, you can explore the market, get advice from our professional business consultants and establish your own company with the guidance of Bigist Invest!

How we do it

Compare to European countries, the buying procedure is too easy and fast in Turkey. After you contact us, one of our consultant will be your personal investment adviser. We provide the best matching options to you according to your preferences. We present all the market info, prices, locations, pros, and cons, then you can compare the options from our wide portfolio.

Our professional law team manage whole legal procedures to make the process faster and smoother.

We will be always right next to you.

What is next?

If you buy from off-plan, which is recommended for a higher return on investment, you will have a notarized sales contract between you and the seller part. Since it is notarised, both parties’ rights will be protected by the Turkish Law until the construction completed. After you pay all your installments, the title deed will be transferred to your name. 

When you purchase from a ready Project, the title deed is directly transferred to your name within 2 days and you can move in immediately.