In January 2017 The Turkish Government introduced new laws about landmark citizenship programs to promote foreign investment. The program offers foreign investors who invest over certain amounts in Turkey the eligibility to acquire Turkish citizenship. In September 2018, the investment amounts were substantially decreased by the government, making it easier and fast than ever.  There are six different ways to get Turkish Citizenship.

Don’t waste your time and money with false guiding.”

                                                          Alper ISIK – Co-founder&Former Migration Expert

New Regulations

  • Purchase properties worth of 250.000 USD instead of 1.000.000 USD *with a deed restriction not to sell for 3 years
  • Deposit 500.000 USD cash in Turkish banks, instead of 3.000.000 USD *with a condition not to withdraw for 3 years
  • Buy government bonds worth of 500.000 USD instead of 3.000.000 USD *with a condition not to sell for 3 years
  • Buy shares worth 500.000 USD in Turkish REITs or VCTs, instead of 3.000.000 *with a condition not to sell for 3 years
  • Make 500.000 USD fixed-asset investment, instead of 2.000.000
  • Hire 50 employees in your company, instead of 100 employees.

Road to Turkish citizenship

In all those steps we guide you as Bigist Invest.

Real Estate Tours


Invest 250.000$ in real estate or 500.000$ in other options (Cash deposit, government bonds, shares or fixed-assed)


An account in a Turkish bank should be opened in the name of the investor by self or through his/her legal attorney.


Complete the required investment transactions (i.e. real estate title deed transfer, cash deposit, government bond /share purchase, etc.)


Applicants are required to hold a valid residence permit ( ‘‘j’’ part of the first paragraph of article 31 of the no.6458)  before citizenship application through the investor or licensed Turkish lawyer.)

Citizenship Consulting


After applying the required residence permit type you can immediately apply for citizenship with your family through the investor or attorney at law.

Requirements for Citizenship Application by Real Estate Investment


Applicants are required to purchase properties that is worth minimum $250.000 in Turkey. This can be fulfilled either by purchasing a single property or multiple properties complying with the provisions of the regulation. Applicants are required to keep the purchased property for at least 3 years according to the Regulations of Turkish Citizenship Program. This commitment must be registered with a restriction hold on the title deed that can be deleted after 3 years. The value of the property must be evaluated by certificated official experts who are also approved by The Institution of Banking Regulation and Supervision (BDDK).
The property payment must be accomplished via bank transfer, so bank receipts can be presented to Title Deed Office to prove the officiality of the transactions. The validity of an evaluation report is only 3 months, so the money transactions and title deed transfers must be accomplished with 3 months. Otherwise a new dated report must be provided.
After the title deed transfer and 3 years restriction hold, Title Deed Head Office provides a confirmation letter. Then with the other required documents the application is submitted to the Turkish Citizenship Office managed by the Ministry Of Interior. All the documents are investigated by Ministry Of Interior, National Intelligence Agency, and Turkish Police Department, then the Turkish President, Mr. Recep Tayyip Erdogan himself signs the confirmation of the Citizenship.

Benefits of Having a Turkish Passport

  • You can get your Turkish Citizenship & Passport after 3 or 6 months from your application.
  • You can travel more than 110 countries without hard procedures and without VISA
  • No minimum residency required if you apply by investment
  • You can get Turkish Passport really fast compared to other top countries.
  • You will receive a Turkish ID with your Passport
  • When you get Turkish Passport you will get FREE MEDICAL ASSISTANCE FOR YOU AND YOUR FAMILY
  • When you get Turkish Passport you will get FREE EDUCATIONAL OPPORTUNITIES FOR YOU AND YOUR FAMILY
  • You can keep your original citizenship, Turkey allows dual citizenship
  • If you get your Turkish Passport with investment program you Military Service is not required
  • After getting your Turkish Passport you don’t need to declare your wealth
  • Turkey will be a European Union member in the near future, that will provide visa-free travel in the EU.

Why Turkey?

  • Great weather all year with 4 different season
  • Great touristic areas with comfortable facilities
  • Suitable for all kinds of nature sports
  • Turkey holds the 6th place, according to the number of Tourist (2018 UN Report) 
  • Comparing to all countries Turkey is the leading  country that increased the number of tourists 22% in one year
  • Democratic country
  • Free health services
  • Free education 
  • Hospitable and warm native people 
  • One of the World’s fastest-growing economy
  • Great strategic location with global connectivity
  • Istanbul has the biggest airport in the world
  • Turkish Airlines connects 255 destinations in 122 countries.
  • Safe and luxurious life
  • Global shopping experience from thousands of brands
  • Quality life
  • Young and well-educated population
  • G20 Member
  • NATO Member
  • OECD Member
  • Turkey has one of the strongest armies in the world
  • Turkey’s economy is the 13th huge economy in the world.
  • Easy to obtain long-term, multiple-entry visa to EU, US, Canada, UK and Australia for Turkish citizens
  • In Turkey, life and facilities are equally divided into big cities and small cities.