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According to the Constitution of the Republic of Turkey, every citizen has the right to education which is free of charge for compulsory primary education.

The School Day

However, all classes last between 40 and 45 minutes, and each break is at least five minutes. The school week runs from Monday to Friday with a total of 35 to 40 hours. The school day usually begins at 08:30 and ends at 16:30.

Turkish Education System 

Education in Turkey starts with kindergarten. The child that finishes kindergarten and is 6 years old, must start the 4+4+4 education system. The mandatory education system in Turkey is 12 years; 4 years in elementary school, 4 years in middle school and 4 years in high school. The child that has completed his kindergarten education starts his elementary school education. After finishing elementary school, he starts his 4 years of middle school education. And after his middle school education, he gets his 4 years of high school education. After finishing high school, the student can prepare for college and start his college education. Students in Turkey, get free education at community schools supported by the government.  

How Do Foreign Students Get An Education In Turkey?

The Turkish education system is a developing system that is following and trying out modern education techniques and interacts with the education systems of many other countries. Student exchange programs can be shown as an example of that. There is a good deal of exchange programs that are being carried out with many countries in the world. Aside from that, a high number of students from Iran, Turkmenistan, and many Arab and European countries come to Turkey to continue or to complete their education.

Getting Education In Turkey As A Foreign Student

If you wish to come to Turkey from abroad and get an education or have your child study in Turkey, there are some terms you should comply with. These terms and necessary information are declared by the notice published by the Ministry of National Education. According to this notice, if the foreign students have a diploma or a certificate of education that proves their accreditation, they can be enrolled in colleges according to these documents. If they do not have any documents that prove their accreditation, foreign students are taken into an interview. This interview can be performed orally or written according to the situation. After the interviews, the student whose accreditation is clarified can be enrolled in relevant colleges.

For the students that have enrolled in colleges, exercises are done in order to support their learning of Turkish.

There are some important documents necessary for getting an education in kindergarten, elementary school, middle school, high school or college in Turkey. The people who come to Turkey should have a passport, study visa and a residence permit of 6 months at least. (Study visa is not required during registration to colleges from children of foreign parents who have a residence permit in Turkey.) There is an e-school system in Turkey where student’s education information and details, classes, exams, and grades are shared with the parents. Information data of foreign students are also entered into this system too. It is possible for a foreign student or his parents to log in to the system and analyze data. Foreign parents or students can log in to the system with the students’ id numbers.

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