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The thought of living in Turkey whether its temporary or permanent is still an unsolved question in everyone’s mind. Everyone thinks about how much it would cost? Or whether our salaries would be equivalent to theirs or not? The answer to all of this would be that turkey is in fact a cheap place to live or travel. Obviously there are some things to consider beforehand such as daily average costs and the yearly expense estimations in Turkey. 


When you want to move to another country, first of all, it is better to consider the prices whether they are the same or different than Turkey.  Like you live in your home country the same procedures are to be applied while thinking about living in Turkey except that some things might be cheaper and some things might be expensive. It changes from one individual to another depending on the person’s daily consumption and style of living. It also differs from one city to another; some are expensive and some are cheaper. Istanbul is one of the cities with a higher cost of living than the others. Statistics that have been collected according to show the figures calculated about the price ranges in Turkey. *Statistics as of 2019

Property : 

As standard living costs vary from city to city, property prices also vary depending on lots of facts. Location is one of the prior facts that determine property pricings. Size, age, view, neighborhood, social facilities, surrounding facilities like hospitals and schools are the following price-determining facts in real estate. Simply your preferences and expectations on the property choice will affect the price. There are homes for 240,000 Turkish liras, and there are homes for 5,800,000 Turkish liras. That why it’s better to get free of charge consultancy services from us, let us show you the best matching options on the field!

Property maintenance : 

These prices again differ according to the place you will be living in. People living in apartments have to pay a fee for the shared social facilities such as security, cleaning, site lighting, maintenance, swimming pools, and other facilities offered. The yearly amount that you will have to pay will be ranging from 900 – 1500 Turkish lira depending on how much you use and what social facilities does the apartment owner offer. 

Property insurance :  

If you buy a property then you will have to do the natural disaster property insurance, which includes earthquakes or fire accidents. The cost depends on the size of your house usually ranging from 900 – 2500 Turkish lira per year.

Residence permits and health insurance :

If you want to live in Turkey for more than 90 days then you have to apply for a Turkish residence permit and health insurance. Health insurance has two options either you get the government insurance (SGK) for 1000 – 1,250 Turkish liras per year or the private health insurance which ranges from 200 to 740 Turkish liras per year you can select your private insurance company and pay according to their offered payment plans. If you are younger than 65 you will need health insurance which will be compulsory to apply for residency.  

Electric bill :

Electric bills can vary as it depends on how much you use it, on average it costs 100 – 200 Turkish liras for a family home.

Water and sewerage bill : 

Water and sewerage costs also depend on the amount of consumption, so the range could differ between 50 – 200 Turkish liras  

Internet : 

Every year there are some new promotions offered by different internet companies, and usually, they are very affordable. There are different packages according to your needs; high or lower speed, higher or lower limit. Time by time you can search on new promotional offers. One of the current packages is offering unlimited internet access for only 75 Turkish liras per month if you agree on 2 years contract. These companies also offer packages including satellite tv programs offering many channels.  


There are a lot of different telephone packages offered by companies. You can get minutes, SMS and internet at the same time in one package from around 25 – 50 Turkish liras. 

Vehicle using charges : 

The charges of using a vehicle can be expensive depending on the condition of petrol and diesel. Diesel costs up to 6.39 Turkish liras whereas the petrol costs up to 6.92 Turkish liras per liter. In Turkey commercially used most of the car owners and companies prefer to use Diesel engines, which consumes less and costs cheaper. Other vehicle-related charges include vehicle insurance, tax and MOT (ministry of transport) which is a compulsory annual test for checking the safety and exhaust emissions from the vehicle. Full coverage of the vehicle is up to the owner and mandatory insurance. TAX and MOT are determined depending on the size of the engine, type of engine, the value of the car, and the age of the car. It is from 861 Turkish Liras up to 40,000 Turkish Liras. Full coverage insurance and mandatory insurance prices are also determined by considering the size, type, age, and the value of the car, plus the car owner’s age and previous insurance history. Compared to other countries, Turkey applies a little higher taxation on Cars. 

Grocery shopping : 

When it comes to grocery shopping, it can be a hard task because there are a lot of brands with different price ranges. Usually, you can buy fruits, vegetables, and dairy products for just about 150 – 250 Turkish liras depending upon your needs and number of family members. The prices of milk, eggs, cheese, chicken, beef, fruits and vegetables are much cheaper in Turkey compared to the prices in the USA. 

For example, the minimum price of regular milk is 4.50 Turkish liras, 1 dozen eggs are 11 Turkish liras, 1 kg of cheese is 34 Turkish liras, 1 kg of beef round is 63 Turkish liras, 1 kg of apples for 6 Turkish liras, 1 kg of tomato for 6.25 Turkish liras, 1 kg of potato and onion for 5 Turkish liras and a loaf of fresh white bread for 2.50 Turkish liras. These were some examples for you to have a rough idea about the market prices in turkey depending upon the quality and quantity you prefer to buy.    

Socialising :

If you are planning to go outside and have dinner at a famous restaurant the price range would be starting from 200 Liras per person depending on how expensive the restaurant is which is totally your choice. If you plan on drinking and smoking, the cheapest cigarette pack is for 10 liras and the cheapest beer bottle is for 12 liras. Istanbul is one of the places with many social events such as international concerts, Broadway musicals, sports tournaments, theater shows, seasonal festivals, art festivals, and exhibitions. Every year famous singers come to istanbul for giving their concerts. You can buy your tickets either on the spot, or some place they have arranged for selling tickets or you can check the website such as ‘Biletix’ or ‘My Bilet’ for buying your tickets early. The ticket price range changes from one event to another the minimum price could be 70 Turkish lira and above. 

In istanbul there are a lot of family oriented places to go and enjoy with your children such as aquariums, luna parks, museums, activity parks and historical sites. The entrance fee differs from one place to another. The minimum cost for entering these areas could be 40 Turkish liras. 

Conclusion : 

The conclusion for the cost of living in Turkey is that with good money management and planning you will not be in loss because most of the work is easy and affordable. The cost of living mostly depends on your preferences and lifestyle. For a decent family of 4 members, 5000 Turkish lira is sufficient to live in Istanbul, but in some other smaller cities lower amount is enough to have a decent lifestyle. 

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