A Decent, Hustle Free Life To Live Across the Seaside

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Çatalca, İstanbul


Location: Yalıköy, Çatalca/İstanbul
Number of Units: 8 Villas
Types of Apartments: Villa concept
Delivery date: Ready to  move

Property Description:

All villas are beautifully constructed with modernized architecture, great interior work and quality materials. A luxurious and stylish life opportunity is waiting for you in these family concept villas. Large windows are balconies are available for you to view the gorgeous seaside and green gardens. You can have a refreshing and relaxing time while viewing the seaside. Every morning fresh sea breezes will enter your home and lighten up your day. Rooms inside these villas are comfortable and spacious according to your needs.

You can go walking, jogging, cycling, and camping near the seaside and enjoy your time to the utmost. These villas are away from the city hustle and the noisy sounds of vehicles but still, you can easily go to the city side. This place is great for people who love to live in a comfortable silent environment. You can enjoy the seaside every day even through simple activities like reading your book or just playing with your pets.

24/7 security with surveillance cameras is there for you to feel safe and secured.

Restaurants, cafes and camping sites are very near to this compound. You can easily go to these places with your family and enjoy the delicious seafood cuisines or just have a warm coffee across the sea. Camping in these areas are great for adventure lovers as you can collect a group of friends and camp at night across the bonfire with
marshmallows getting cooked over them, and socialize with other fellow people while telling stories.

Other than that each villa has its own car parking area and you wouldn’t need to worry about your vehicles.

This place is a great investment opportunity because of its adventure sports, seaside, nature and the fact that it’s comfortable and hustles free place to live.


  •  55 min to Istanbul airport
  • 1 min to Podimass hotel
  •  1 min to Yalikoy beach
  •  1 min to Yalikoy “Fatafara restaurant”
  •  2 min to Ruzgarli gardens
  •  3 min to MU camp
  •  3 min to Yalikoy camping
  •  1 hour to Irmit hospital

Payment Plan:

  •  Title deeds are ready


Gross m2 Net m2 Prices
Triplex A 250 m2  145 m2 219.000 $
Triplex B 250 m2 145 m2 260.000 $



Address Open On Google Map


  • 7/24 Security cameras
  • Aesthetic designs
  • Car parking area
  • Comfortable wide rooms
  • Green gardens
  • Modern architecture
  • Sea side view
  • Spacious balconies
  • Walking and Bicycle Paths
  • Wide windows