Central Taksim Historical Compound

Taksim, Istanbul


Location: Taksim, Istanbul

Delivery Date: March 2020


Total Housing Area: 8.875 square meters

Total Number of Apartments: 93 With 109 car park designated for the property owners

Apartment Size Range: 48-375 square meters

Total Commercial Shopping Area: 1634 square meters

Total Number of Commercial Shops: 20

Commercial Shop Size Range: 35-213 square meters

Property Types: 1+0, 1+1, 1+1 Loft, 2+1, 2+1 duplex, 3+1 duplex, 4+1 duplex, 4+1 Penthouse


Total Office Area: 11.967 square meters

Total Number of Offices: 61 Car Park Area: 177

Office Size Range: 76-641 square meters

Total Commercial Shopping Area: 5.380 square meters

Total Number of Commercial Shops: 13

Commercial Shop Size Range: 31-1459 square meters

Property Description:

Imagine a compound that is designed with historic elements placed in a golden value location and offers literally everything about business and lifestyle! This famous complex is one of the special recreation projects in the center of Istanbul, Taksim supported by the Turkish government. It is designed with a sense of historical Ottoman-style that fits with the history of the region exactly. It gives a sense of history but also modern impressions with luxury finishings. High technology and modernization are combined with the classic style and tiny historical architecture touches that make it seem like a century-old building. 

This magnificently designed complex is located only 30 seconds walking distance from Taksim Square, where the heart of Turkish tourism and entertainment life beats! Taksim square includes the main transportation stations altogether, in other words, all public transportation of Istanbul flows here!

With 300 thousand years of history, Istanbul is known as the capital of the World connecting two continents to each other shining as both modern and historical times. Taksim is the place where the cultures, beliefs, art, education, and history combinations are exhibited with modernization. This project also reflects the city of Istanbul with its modern and historic combination of architecture. This amazing property is awarded as “Europe’s Best Urban Renewal Project!

This special concept property’s construction area is 165.000 square meters and has a front side length of 220 meters. It has 9 blocks in total including 952 individual properties that consist of residences, homes, and offices. There are also shopping areas with lots of commercial properties and a minimum 1000 vehicle capacity of the closed parking garage. In this kind of busy central location, parking garage provides a double value due to the easiness for the business that comes for offices, and shoppers that comes for concept shopping area of the compound. 

Type Area Price Range
Studio 48 – 55 m2 2.100.000 – 2.346.000 TL
1+0 71 – 139 m2 2.878.000 – 4.858.000 TL
2+1 92 – 169 m2 3.076.000 – 7.546.000 TL
Office 112 – 233 m2 5.015.000 – 8.699.000 TL


Reference: B-1027

Address Open On Google Map

  • Address: Taksim, Istanbul
  • Location: Taksim


  • 7/24 security guards and security cameras
  • Activity fields and entertainment centers
  • Architectural art
  • Art and culture center
  • Baths
  • Beatiful interior work
  • Central and easy transportation
  • Lobby area with great interior designs
  • Massage Rooms
  • Meeting Room
  • Parking Garage
  • Shopping Center