As Bigist Invest, we provide a comprehensive marketing strategy to sell/rent your property.
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We Make Your Life Easier

You don’t have to be the expert. From the moment your property is listed by us, our team guides you from beginning to end; from contract negotiations to deal coordination, we are here to assist you as Bigist Invest.

We Sell/Rent Your Property for Top Price

We evaluate your property’s characteristics and market position, and then, in consultation with you, determine the best strategy and price for new buyers as native market knowledge.

We Maximize Interest in Your Property with Our Strategies

We carefully identify a buyer profile for your property by looking at characteristics such as price range, demographic, desired lifestyle, and motivation for purchase. Then we highlight your property’s unique characteristics to reach as many of these buyers as possible.

To Make Your Property Shine

Most real estate portals and broker websites follow the same standard formatting, but with our team we can control the presentation or your property and showcase it in the way you envision it.

You Will Always Be Able to Reach Us to Answer Any Questions

We put a lot of emphasis on keeping our clients informed and involved. For example, we will consult on the photos and content for your property, keep you up to date on showings, let you know of any changes that might need to be made to the listing, and discuss pricing feedback. This type of communication, we believe, is key to successfully selling your home.

Our Focus is Selling or Renting Your Property

Our team of specialists includes Marketing Managers, Lead Prospectors, and Deal Coordinators whose expertise is invaluable in getting the sale done quickly and done right.