Why Turkey?

“Location is the very first fact to turn a real estate into an investment opportunity”

Turkey has a unique position with a transcontinental location between Europe and Asia, and covered by Black sea, Eagen sea, and Mediterranean sea from 3 sides. Black sea is the one of the famous trading route in the world which has a connection with the ocean only through Bosphorus.  The country occupies total area of 783,562 square kilometers, which makes Turkey the 37th largest nation in the world. 

Istanbul is the only city that locates both in Asia and Europe. This magnificent location exhibits Istanbul as a center of attraction for investors all over the world.

Our widest portfolio

Our wide portfolio consists of more than 500 projects options. Due to market experience and stakeholders’ business activities in different industries provide a strong network power.

According to your preferences, our local consultants will be assisting you to find the best matching options.

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We as Bigist Invest seek a lifetime relationship with you. Because of that, we have experts to manage your property or business which is a part of full-service that is provided by Bigist Invest.

As we always say, It is easy to buy a property but managing it is our business.