According to Turkish Foreign Law, foreigners can stay in Turkey with visa or visa-freely. But it is limited for maximum of 90 days independent from visa. For such a situation that foreigner need to be stay for more than 90 days in Turkey, they have to get a Residence Permit.

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There are different types of residence permits regarding to purpose of stay.

New Regulation about Tourism Residence Permit!

On December 2nd, General Directorate of Migration Management announced new regulation about tourism residence permit which used to be the most preferred and most easily owned permit to reside in Turkey. This residence permit owners are not allowed to work and can not be integrated into the Turkish economy. Because of the huge increasing numbers in demand day by day, the Turkish Government has changed the policy by no longer providing tourist residence permit.

The government would start to consider short term residence applications regarding other reasons such as buying a property and having title deeds, studying Turkish language course, establishing a business, etc.

If you don’t have 250.000 $, don’t worry! When you buy a property valued below 250.000 Usd, we kindly remind you that you might have a residence permit for 2 years and at the end of 5 years apply to citizenship in this way. We provide full services from buying property to all legal procedures including residence permit and citizenship application.