A long-term residence permit shall be issued by the governorates, upon approval of the Ministry, to foreigners that have continuously resided in Turkey for at least 8 years on a permit or, foreigners that meet the conditions set out by the Migration Policies Board. 

Conditions for a long-term residence permit:

  • having continues residence in Turkey for at least 8 years 
  • not having received social assistance in the past 3 years 
  • having sufficient and stable income to maintain themselves or, if any, support their family 
  • to be covered with a valid medical insurance 
  • not to be posing a public order or public security threat 


The long term residence permit will not provide those rights;

  •  compulsory military service 
  •  the right of vote and be elected 
  •  entering public service 

Except for those 3 issues and a few other topics, Long-term residence permit provides all of the benefits of being a Turkish Citizenship.