Short-term residence permit provides maximum of 2 years to stay in Turkey. 

The period of the short-term residence permit is regulated by Turkish Ministry of Interior according to reason of stay and documentation.


A short-term residence permit may be granted to those foreigners listed below who: 

  • Arrives to conduct scientific research
  • Landowners, owners of immovable property in Turkey
  • Establishes business or commercial connections
  • Participates in on-the-job training programs or interns
  • Arrives to attend educational or similar programs as part of student exchange programs or agreements to which the Republic of Turkey is a party to 
  • Wants to stay in Turkey as a tourist
  • Intends to receive medical treatment
  • Transfers from a family residence permit 
  • Attends a Turkish language course (limited by few times)
  • Attends an education program, research or a course which is related with a public agency
  • Makes an investment within the scope and amount which has determined by the Council of Ministers